Be Yourself – You’re BEAUTIFUL

I was sitting at home looking through Pinterest and on a whim I typed in the word beautiful and hit search. Hundreds of beautiful pictures popped up. Pictures of majestic horses, regal birds, graceful tigers, and adorable puppies and kittens. I scrolled through pin after pin of beautiful pictures of animals and occasionally there would be a picture of a woman or a child.

This broke my heart. We get up and look in the mirror every morning. We focus on the freckles on our nose, the crooked smile, the too small or too large eyes. We're overweight, we're too skinny, we're not tan enough, our hair isn't pretty enough. We spend so much time focusing on our flaws that we forget. We are BEAUTIFUL. That you are beautiful.

Why do we post hundreds of pictures of animals we think are beautiful but not of the beautiful people we are? Because society doesn't think we're beautiful? Because you looked at that picture and picked out every little detail you didn't like about yourself?


You need to accept yourself because you are BEAUTIFUL. It comes from your smile, the mischief in your eyes, from your soul. When you look in that mirror tell yourself you're beautiful. Tell it to yourself every single morning. Because. You. Are.

It's amazing what that confidence will do – it'll make you even more beautiful. Sweet dreams and remember to be yourself – you're BEAUTIFUL.



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