Cherry Bombs and too much frosting


My awesome boss had a birthday earlier this month and it was the perfect opportunity to try out this new recipe I had been craving for several weeks. These were so incredibly easy to make but I can't remember when I've spent so much time on a recipe – she was worth it and since these were the bomb (sorry, I know that was bad), I will be making them again. {Although next time I will be making the work unfriendly version with the cherries soaked in pinnacle whipped vodka.}

When I found these online the recipe called for devil's food cake mix but I had red velvet so that's what I went with. And a word of caution – you don't need a ton of frosting! I got a little over zealous and used a large tub and the cake balls did not want to stick together so at 11pm I was in the kitchen making a pan of brownies to add to the mix. This worked okay but the cake wanted to stick more to me than the cherries!

I put the cake balls in the fridge overnight thinking the chocolate would stick better and I was pleased with the turn out. I'm sure these would be delicious with all kinds of different fruit, soaked in alcohol or fresh. If you make some I'd love to hear how they turned out! Happy eating!!



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