Lemon sprinkle cookies


Keebler used to make my favorite cookie, not overly sweet, tangy and covered in powdered sugar. Girl Scouts have them now but let's face it, no one wants to wait all year to enjoy their favorite cookie so while browsing Pinterest the other day I came across some delishishness. Lemon sprinkle sandies – cool citrus tang, sweetness of the sprinkles and I am one happy girl!

G found these neon sprinkles when he offered to go to the store for me the other day. I don't think he'll make a habit of it after I sent him off with a long list of some things he's never heard of. Poor guy – I should've warned him how unfun grocery shopping is.


So armed with the recipe and a strong desire to play with sprinkles I went to work. Just a note from the recipe – these cookies hold their shape best when frozen so I made these the night before.


They were so cute rolled in sprinkles and I was really tempted to throw them in the oven right then but I did as the recipe suggested, set them in the freezer and went to bed. I couldn't wait to get up this morning and put them in the oven. After a long conversation with my mom on if I needed to wait until the cookie sheet thawed some so I wouldn't warp my pan (which we figured was best – the cookies stayed frozen) I put them in.

And voila! They are the cutest cookies I've ever made and perhaps my new favorite since they remind me of lemon coolers but with sprinkles!! Hope you enjoy and if you make them, comment and let me know what you think. Work should be happy I'm coming in today!



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